Puddles and Splash Visit Igualada, Spain

Puddles and Splash Visit Igualada, Spain

  • On July 12, 2016

Our favourite penguins Puddles and Splash have arrived in Spain for the European Balloon Festival in Igualada.

While the special shape hot air balloons are well travelled now, having already visited Italy and Madagascar this year alone, their new friend the Longleat Lion balloon has joined them for his first European trip!

Simbaloo was unveiled earlier this year in the grounds of Longleat as part of the Safari Park’s 50th anniversary. In September this year, Simbaloo will be leading 50 hot air balloons as they fly from the stunning estate in our Sky Safari event.

All three balloons were the first to inflate at the press flight and drew huge attention from the media and crowds on site, making headline news.

Within minutes of the first flight, there were dozen of pictures on social media and Puddles even made the picture of the day on the official Guardian Instagram page and main website.