Penguin Proposal At Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta!

Penguin Proposal At Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta!

  • On October 9, 2016

It was the last flight of the 2016 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta this morning and it proved to be a very special one for Puddles and Splash.

It began as a typical morning with Puddles and Splash taking off side by side surrounded by thousands of spectators, however Puddles had a very special surprise for the crowds and indeed Splash.

Seconds after taking off, Puddles rotated to Splash in mid air and a huge banner was dropped from the basket saying ‘SPLASH, WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ There were cheers from the crowds below and not wanting to keep everyone is suspense, Splash rotated to Puddles and a banner was dropped to unveil her answer; ‘OH PUDDLES, YES!’ Huge cheers and applause erupted from the crowds and our penguins are engaged!

Both flew off down the launch site and the event announcer Glen Moyer could be heard congratulating the famous Penguin couple over the PA to the entire event.

The Penguins flew for over an hour and social media was already going crazy for the engagement with pictures and video using the hash tag #FlyPenguin and #PenguinLove.

Congratulations to our beloved couple and it seems the wedding plans start now….